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Theology Cross vs Glory

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The Theology of Glory vs. The Theology of the Cross
These two basic perspectives on faith have existed in the Church from the beginning, and can be found in the writings
of various theologians, the theological emphases of different Christian denominations, as well as in the common faith
perspectives held by the lay people of the Church as a whole. Note: One perspective is false and one is true.*

Theology of Glory

Theology of the Cross

(Heavenly Reward)

(Trusting Discipleship)

= faith is the means to obtain material success

= faith is joining Christ in his suffering

Perspective on Existence:
Being a Christian will make your life better
in a material (worldly) sense,
whether it may be in this world or the next.

Perspective on Existence:
Being a Christian is being faithful to Christ,
regardless of the cost; therefore, it will not necessarily
make your life better in a worldly sense.

Defining Quote:
"God helps those who help themselves"

Defining Quote:
"take up your cross and follow me"
(Mark 8:34)

Evangelism Goal/Strategy:

Evangelism Goal/Strategy:

To win souls by convincing people to "buy"
the message of Christianity
(model: the "salesperson" approach)

To make disciples by proclaiming the gospel
through which God changes lives
(model: the "news announcer" approach)

Key Themes/Phrases to Look For:
If you do this for God ..., God will do this for you ...
Giving a seed gift, so it will return to you ...
Climbing up to heaven on the road to glory ...
Your eternal reward to come ...
Getting into paradise ...

Key Themes/Phrases to Look For:
This is what God has done for you ...
Being good stewards of Gods gifts ....
Walking the valley of the shadow of death ...
God's free gift of grace ...
Trusting in God ...

* bear in mind: theology is not faith itself, but how we understand and talk about our faith
(it is quite possible for a person to have true faith, and still have a very poor and misinformed theology)
© 2008 – Steven E. King, Sola Publishing (www.solapublishing.org). Permission granted to photocopy for congregational use.

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