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Time Servers

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A list of the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time servers that are available on the Internet  Article ID: ID: 262680 262680 There are two levels, or tiers, of Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers that are available o the Iteret! The NTP is "efie" i #e$%est for &ommets (#'&) 0*! The first+level time servers are rimaril- ite"e" to act as so%rce time servers for seco"+ level time servers! The first+level time servers ma- also be caable of rovi"i. missio+ critical time services! /ome first+level time servers ma- have a restricte" access olic-! /eco"+level time servers are ite"e" for .eeral /NTP time service ee"s! /eco"+level time servers %s%all- eable %blic access! It is recomme"e" that -o% %se seco"+level time servers for ormal /NTP time server cofi.%ratio beca%se the- are %s%all- locate" o a closer etwork that ca ro"%ce faster %"ates! It is recomme"e" that -o% research a- time server selectio to es%re that it ca meet -o%r  secific time server re$%iremets!

Time server list Note o% ma- receive a error messa.e that resembles the followi.: There is a roblem with this website1s sec%rit- certificate!

The sec%rit- certificate resete" b- this website was ot iss%e" b- a tr%ste" certificate a%thorit-! /ec%rit- certificate roblems ma- i"icate a attemt to fool -o% or itercet a- "ata -o% se" to the server! We recommend that you close this webpae and do not continue to this website! If -o% receive this error messa.e whe -o% click a- of the followi. liks, continue to the Web site! •

'or the list of strat%m oe time servers, visit the followi. eb site: htt:33s%ort!t!or.3bi3view3/ervers3/trat%m4eTime/ervers 'or the list of strat%m two time servers, visit the followi. eb site: htts:33s%ort!t!or.3bi3view3/ervers3/trat%mTwoTime/ervers 'or the list of NTP Pool /ervers, visit oe of the followi. eb sites: htt:33s%ort!t!or.3bi3view3/ervers3NTPPool/ervers

htt:33www!ool!t!or. 5icrosoft "oes ot maitai the list of time servers or recomme" oe time server over the


other oe! These liks are for -o%r referece a" research to select the time server(s) aroriate for -o%r cofi.%ratio! 5icrosoft "oes recomme" that work.ro% com%ters s-c from the 5icrosoft NTP server (time!wi"ows!com)! If aother time so%rce is "esire", we recomme" that -o% %se oe of the /trat%m 2 Time /ervers! To fi" the /trat%m 2 Time /ervers that are available, visit the followi. eb site: htts:33s%ort!t!or.3bi3view3/ervers3/trat%mTwoTime/ervers Note Please rea" the #%les 4f 7.a.emet before %si. the /trat%m Two Time /ervers list! To rea" the #%les of 7.a.emet, visit the followi. eb site: htt:33s%ort!t!or.3bi3view3/ervers3#%les4f7.a.emet Domai oie" member com%ters a" alicatio servers sho%l" be cofi.%re" to s-chroi9e time b- %si. the "omai hierarch- as "escribe" i the Domain Hierarchy-Based  Synchronization toic at the followi. 5icrosoft TechNet eb site: htt:33techet!microsoft!com3e+%s3librar-3cc0(/!0)!as; To s-chroi9e o+"omai+oie" (work.ro%) workstatios or servers, visit the followi. 5icrosoft TechNet TechNet eb site: htt:33techet!microsoft!com3e+%s3librar-3cc*2(/!0)!as;

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