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Opening 1. Turn on lights at the top of bathr bathroom oom stairs 2. he!" bathroom bathrooms s #toilet paper$ paper$ soap$ pape paperr to%el$ toilet& '. (as ash h ha han)s n)s *. +et +et i!e i!e fo forr ba barr ,. Fin) out %hats missing . /olish /olish !utler0 !utler0 an) glasses glasses #%ith )r0 !loth& !loth& . /ut /ut out out !an)l !an)les es . ut up up lemons3lim lemons3lime e as nee)e) 4. Li)s Li)s o on n 55ui! ui!e e 16.7ui!" s%eep

/ro!e)ure /ro!e)ur e %ith ustomer 1. 2. '. *. ,. . .

(el!o el!ome me %ith %ith menu Light !an)le !an)le a an) n) br bring ing i!e %ater +et or)er or)er for )rin"s )rin"s33 appet appeti8ers i8ers Input in s0stem$ s0stem$ 9 9SE SE :/ ://LI;E /LI;E Foo) Foo) #al%a0 #al%a0s s use ://LI; ://LI;E E for foo) or)er& or)er& /rint /rint re!eip re!eiptt lean an) an) reset reset ttable able %hen %hen slo slo% %

losing 1. Reset all tables #ma" #ma"e sure to %ipe table table an) !hairs& 2. S%eep Tues)a0$ Tues)a0$ ( (e)nes)a0$ e)nes)a0$ Thurs)a0$ F Fri)a0$ ri)a0$ Sun)a0 '. S%eep :;D :;D m mop op on Satur)a0 Satur)a0 *. (ash gla glasse sses s ,. /olish /olish glasses an) utensils . lean lean bat bathr hroom oom -%ipe all surfa!es -!lean toilet an) bo%l -repla!e paper an) soap as nee)e)


-s%eep -mop on Satur)a0 . Turn of lights


<if =oor is sti!"0$ please mop regar)less of )a0

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