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Top Ten Life Hacks

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Top Ten Hermetic Life Hacks



Top Ten Life Hacks
William R. Mistele © 2015
10. Get a life-- Find something worth doing that is right for you and totally
captivating; otherwise the house of your motivation will come tumbling down due to
boredom. That is, some people never make it past puberty. Just take a look at
Howard Stern, Hugh Hefner, or Bob Guccioni. Their jobs may pay well but being
stuck in a life rut and never experiencing anything new is another definition of hell.
9. Learn to perceive without thoughts intervening, for this is the foundation of all
magical systems. If that is too much, then learn to argue both sides of any position
with equal enthusiasm. This enables you to think for yourself and saves others the
time of trying to explain to you where you are wrong.
(Note: you will notice that teachers, politicians, and news anchors rarely possess
this ability. And again this is because you can be successful without the truth being
in you.)
8. Blessed are those who meet others in their darkest place and walk beside them
back into the light, for there is no greater or more sacred celebration of life. And
while we are at it—Blessed are those who pass through their inner darkness without
fear or shame, for they shall attain freedom.
7. Make it a habit of imagining you are other people both those you know and those
you do not know. Imagine you are in that person’s body acting, feeling, talking, and
thinking as that person does. Do this so that there is nothing else in your awareness
and until you get a sensation in your body of what it is like to be this other person.
This enables you to attain rapport and intimacy where these things are improbable
or otherwise impossible.
It is a well-kept secret that the universe expects us to eventually discover on our
own—that anything anyone else has ever experienced we can perceive as our own.
Put another way—there are no limitations placed on what you can imagine.
6. Learn to listen so well that Divine Providence considers you part of itself. Who
are those who hold the world within their hearts? But only do this if you are ready
for a life upgrade—to become a guide and guardian of the human race who will be
assigned the task of assisting the human race through their next phase of evolution.
Where to begin in listening? Listen to others as if you are a mirror reflecting back to
them what they feel and what they think.
Keep a journal of every idea and writing that inspires you. Take time to review these
things asking yourself as you contemplate them (considering them from all aspects

and then holding everything at once within your mind)—what is underneath and
behind these thoughts and feelings?
5. Know yourself and others as well. The only way this is possible is by listening to
your own and to others’ life stories. Without the story, the inciting incidents (the
beginnings), the conflicts, the supporting casts, the subplots, and the thing to be
attain or acquired, there can be no understanding. See McKee Psychology:
4. Five elements there be that reveal life’s mystery.
Learn to be as silent and solid as a stone. This enables you in any moment to step
outside of the stream of time and experience the quiet ecstasy of gnomes.
Learn to be weightless and light as air. Practice this—imagine your mind is as vast
and clear as the sky and you experience what it is to have no fear and feel that
freedom is everywhere. A quick cure for depression or mental confusion.
Learn to flow like water, like a stream or be as vast as the sea. Do this and you
experience pure innocence and to love without inhibitions or restrictions. What good
is innocence, you ask? It enables you to step back into the stream of time and
experience each moment as being new.
Learn to look down inside of your body and see the brilliant, dazzling light of the
sun. Practice this daily and you will learn what it is like to see through the eyes of
divine being and from the perspective of immortality.
Open your mind so it is as deep and vast as the night sky. In doing so you will
perceive there is a time and place for all things—where every desire is satisfied,
every need met, where every dream manifests and every ideal is made real. This
will grant you a will of steel and an understanding of everything you can seek to
achieve in life.
3. The Five Senses. If you ever get lost, unduly confused, or despair because what
you want in life is not there, focus on each of your five senses each day. Find in
sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch these things—pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, rapture,
and mystery, that is, awe and wonder. Your five senses are the gates to infinity, for
infinity are programmed into them.
For example, learn to see through the eyes of others, of each person you meet or
each person you imagine. Do this and you will learn to see through the eyes of
By the way, while you are at it, learn to memorize and focus on every physical
sensation of your body—from hunger to thirst, from an adrenal rush to falling
asleep, from relaxation to tension to release, from the nerves running through your
nose, your toes, your stomach, and the food that through your intestines flows. Your

body is the gate of immorality. Get to know it. Without a body, you are not here in
this world but on the astral plane or in some other realm.
2. Give to others what you yourself most need. Do this and you become so wise in
the process that your own needs vanish as if they were never there.
Likewise, when you meet others, see that person as his or her better self—what
they would be like once they have solved their problems and have overcome their
conflicts. This is not about being positive or generous. It is just good common sense
—it protects you because both you and the other person can sense when he or she
is not following his best course of action.
Similarly, learn to bless others in this way: imagine the person as being totally
detached, that is, free of all attachments to the past that hold this person back from
making the best choices in life; imagine he or she is in a situation where they have
the highest learning curve; where others hold them in the greatest respect and
appreciation; and where they are of the greatest help and assistance to others.
In this way, you dissolve their karma and change their fate, for what you have just
imagined places this person perhaps for the first time before their path to
1. Discover your deepest lessons in life and take the time and effort to learn them.
What are those Shakespearean character flaws you possess that inevitably bring
you down? What keeps you from being happy? What family karma has been passed
down to you from previous generations—prejudice, bias, selfishness, greed,
arrogance, fear, hostility, domination, vulnerability, etc.—that lies hidden inside of
you waiting to awaken?
What stands in your way preventing you from attaining something great or pursuing
your dreams or attaining your destiny?
What is missing from life that no one else sees or seems able to address?
Get to work. Life is not a party. It is a school, a college. After all, you signed up for
the human experience. You would not be getting your money’s worth if you do not
make your best effort.
By the way, no one else can complete this assignment for you. Start early. Avoid a
having bucket list at the end when time is short and you snap your fingers and say,
“The years passed like that.”
Ten life hacks. Learn first to step back. And then to fully engage without holding
It is not about you. It is about the universe flowing through you.

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