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Top Ten Mncs in India

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TOP TEN MNC’S IN INDIA The country has got many M. N. C.s operating here. Following are names of some of the mo most st fam famous ous mu multi ltinat nation ional al com compan panies ies,, who hav havee the their ir hea headqu dquart arters ers of operational branches based in the nation: IBM: !M ndia "rivate #imited, a part of !M has been operating from this

country since the year $%%&. This global company is 'nown for invention and integration of software, hardware as well as services, which assist forward thin'ing institutions, enterprises and people, who build a smart planet. The net income of this company post completion of the financial year end of &($( was )$*.+ billion with a net profit margin of $*.% . -ith innovative technology and solutions, this company is ma'ing a constant progress in ndia. "resent in more than &(( cities, this company is ma'ing constant progress in global mar'ets to maintain its leading  position. Microsoft:  subsidiary, named as Microsoft Corporation ndia "rivate #imited,

of the /. 0. 1/nited 0tates2 based Microsoft Corporation, one of the software giants has got their headquarter in New 3elhi. 0tarting its operation in the country from $%%(, this company has got the following business units: •

Microsoft Corporation ndia 1"vt.2 #imited 1Mar'eting 3ivision2

Microsoft 4lobal 0ervices ndia

Microsoft 4lobal Technical 0upport Centre


Microsoft ndia 3evelopment Center 

Microsoft T

Microsoft 5esearch ndia

The net income of Microsoft Corporation grew from ) $*, 67% million in &((% to ) $+, 87( million in &($(. -or'ing in close association with all the sta'eholders incl in clud udin ing g th thee 4o 4ove vern rnme ment nt of n ndi dia, a, th thee co comp mpan any y is co com mmi mitt tted ed to towa ward rdss th thee development of the ndian software as well as . T. 1nformation Technology2 industry. Nokia Corporation: No'ia Corporation was started in the year $+76. !eing one of

the leading mobile companies in ndia, their stylish product range includes the following: •

 Normal mobile mobile handsets


Touch screen phones

3ual sim phones

!usiness phone

The net sales of the company increased by *  in the last financial year with sales of 9/5 *&.* billion as compared to &((%s 9/5 *$ billion. ;ver the past few years, this company in ndia has been acquiring companies, which have got new and interesting competencies and technologies so as to enhance their ability of


creating the mobile world. !esides new developments to fight against mineral conflicts, they are even to set up !ridge Centers in the country for supporting re< employment. Their first onsite for the installation of renewable power generation are already in place. PepsiCo: "epsiCo. nc. entered the ndian mar'et with the name of "epsiCo ndia

from the year $%+%. -ithin a short time span of &( years, this company has emer em erge ged d as on onee of th thee fa fast st gr grow owin ing g as we well ll as la larg rges estt be beve vera rage ge an and d fo food od manufacturer. s per the annual report of the company in the last business year, thee ne th nett rev even enu ue of "ep epssiC iCo o gr greew by == . !y th thee ye yeaar &( &(& &(, th this is foo ood d manu ma nufa fact ctur urin ing g co comp mpan any y in inte tend ndss to tr trip iple le th thei eirr po port rtfo foli lio o of en en>o >oya yabl blee an and d wholesome offerings. The e?pansion of their 4ood<For<@ou portfolio is believed to be assisting the company in attaining the competitive advantage of the growing  pac'aged nutrition nutrition mar'et in the world, which is presently presently valued at ) 6(( billion. Ranbaxy Ranb axy Labo Laborator ratories ies Li Liite! ite!: 5a 5anb nba? a?y y #a #abo bora rato tori ries es #i #imi mite ted, d, on onee of th thee

 biggest pharmaceutical companies in ndia, started their business in the country from the year $%7$. The company made its public appearance in $%8= though. Aead Ae adqu quar arte tere red d in th this is na nati tion on,, th this is in inte tern rnat atio iona nal, l, re rese sear arch ch ba base sed, d, in inte tegr grat ated ed  pharmaceuticall company is the producer of a huge range of affordable cum quality  pharmaceutica medicines that are trusted by both patients and healthcare professionals all over the world. n the business year &($(, the registered global sales of the company was


/0 ) $, +7+ Mn. 0uccessful development of business forms the 'ey component of their trading strategy. part from overseas acquisitions, this company is ma'ing a cont co ntin inuo uous us en ende deav avor or to en ente terr th thee ne new w gl glob obal al ma mar' r'et ets, s, wh whic ich h ha have ve go gott hi high gh  potential. For this, this, they are offering offering value adding adding products as well. Reebok Internationa" Liite! : This global brand is a famous name in the field of

sports as well as lifestyle products. 5eebo' nternational #imited, a subsidiary of didas 4, is based in /. 0. . 1/nited 0tates of merica2 started its operation in $+%(s. 3uring the last financial year, didass currency neutraliBed group sales increased by % . part from their alliance with CrossFit that is among the largest contemporary fitness movements, in the current year, 5eebo's announcement of its partnership with artist, designer and producer 0wiBB !eatB reflects its long term future growth. Sony: 0ony ndia is a part of the renowned brand name 0ony Corporation, which

started their business operation in the year $%*7 in apan. 9stablished in ndia in  November $%%*, this company has captured one of the leading positions in the field of consumer electronics goods. !y the end of the business year &($( on =$st March, &($$, the company showed a remar'able increase in the share related to numerous categories. 0ony ndia is planning to invest around N5. $6( crore for the mar'eting of the activities related to T# and !T#. s far as !ravia TDs are concerned, they are loo'ing forward to hold their mar'et share of =( . n between


the last and the current financial year, the number of their outlets in the country increased by $, (((. Tata Cons#"tancy Ser$ices: Commonly 'nown as T. C. 0., this multinational

company is a famous name in the field of . T. 1nformation Technology2 services, !usine !us iness ss "r "roce ocess ss ;ut ;utsou sourci rcing ng 1!. ". ;. ;.22 as wel welll as bus busine iness ss sol soluti utions ons.. Thi Thiss com co mpa pany ny is a su subs bsid idia iary ry of th thee Ta Tata ta 4r 4rou oup. p. Th Thee fi firs rstt ce cent nter er fo forr so soft ftwa ware re researching was established in the country in $%+$ in the city of "une. Tata Consultancy earned a growth of +.%  during the latest quarter of this financial year, which ended on =(th 0eptember, &($$. This renowned company is presently loo'ing forward to the $( big deals that they have received besides the Credit /nion ustralias contract as well as 4overnment of Earnata'as N5. %* crore deal for a total period of 7 years. n this current business year, they are about to employ 7(, ((( people to meet their business requirement. %o!afone : Dodafone 4roup "lc is an international telecommunication company,

which has got its headquarter based in #ondon in the /nited Eingdom 1/. E.2. 9arlier 'nown as Dodafone 9ssar and Autchison 9ssar, Dodafone ndia is among the largest operators of mobile networ'ing in the country. The parent company Autchison started its business in the year $%%& along with the Ma? 4roup, which was its business partner in ndia. Much later in &($$, Dodafone 4roup "lc decided to buy out mobile operating business of 9ssar 4roup, its partner. The turnover of


the Dodafone 4roup "lc after the completion of the last financial year grew to  **, *8& m from  *$, ($8 m that was the turnover of the business year &((%. Tata Motors Liite!: The biggest automobile company in ndia, Tata Motors

#imited, is among the leading commercial vehicles manufacturer in the country. They are one of the top = passenger vehicle manufacturers. 9stablished in the year $%*6, this company, a part of the famous Tata 4roup, has got its manufacturing units located in different parts of the nation. 0ome of their well 'nown products of the company are categoriBed in the following heads: •

Commercial Dehicles

3efence 0ecurity Dehicles

Aomeland 0ecurity Dehicles

"assenger Dehicles

"ost completion of the financial year &($( to &($$, the global sales of the company grew by &*.&  with sales crossing N5. $ million.

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