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Top Ten Soft Skills For Success

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Corporate Etiquette “ Top Ten Soft Skills for Success “

Soft Skills for Success Etiquette: Introduction, Definition, Origin q 

Definition of protocol in general and

politically. Definition of etiquette.

Where does etiquette start ?

The origin of the word word etiquette  etiquette.. 

Soft Skills for Success Etiquette: Introduction, Definition, Origin q 

Four Things Etiquette is Not ØA set of rigid rules. ØSomething for the wealthy or well‐born. ØA thing of the past. ØSnobbishness.

What is Courtesy ? 

Soft Skills for Success Etiquette q 

Etiquette is a combinatio combination n of manners and principles. Principles are Principles  are theare guiding concepts on which all manners based.

•  Consideration. •  Respect. •  Honesty. ØManners Manners tell  tell us what to do in all kinds of

situations and what to expect from other people.   people.

Soft Skills for Success Why Does Etiquette Matter in Business? q  Business Etiquette is very important for creating a harmonious work environment and for representing your company in the best possible way.  way.  Etiquette positions you to: Ø Project a positive image. ØProject confidence and authority. ØDistinguish yourself from the competition. ØBuild relationships. ØDevelop and maintain business.

“I will pay more for the ability to get along with people

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