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Vocabulary For Altar Servers

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Vocabulary for Altar Servers Alb: White robe worn robe worn by servers. (See Figure 1) o""ered. Altar: An elevated place,  place, like a table, on which the oly !ass is o""ered. A#bo $ %ectern: &he stand where the Sacred Scriptures are read during the oly !ass. 'oat: A s#all #etal container which holds the incense to be put into the thurible$censor. thurible$censor. t has a cover and co#es with a s#all spoon. halice: &he  &he sacred vessel that the priest uses to hold the 'lood o" hrist during !ass. iboriu#: &he sacred vessel that holds the 'ody o" hrist during !ass. !ass . o##union ups: &he sacred cups used cups used by the !inisters o" o##union to distribute the 'lood o" hrist to the people at o##union. orporal: A s*uare, white cloth, placed in the center o" the altar  on  on which the ciboriu# and chalice are placed during !ass. redence &able: &able: &he table that holds ite#s needed "or the celebration o" !ass. ruet: S#all, glass pitcher that holds water or wine "or !ass. Finger 'owl and +ug. A bowl bowl and +ug used at the ti#e o" priests washing o" hands. Finger &owel: A towel used by the priest to dry dr y his "ingers a"ter he has washed his hands. Flagon $ Wine -ecanter: &he pitcher  that is used to hold the wine that tha t will be consecrated at !ass "or o##union. %ectionary: &he book &he book that contains the Scripture eadings "or !ass. !issal: &he book that contains the prayers prayers "or the !ass. /residers hair: A chair in which the priest resides. /rocessional ross: &he cross used to lead a procession. procession. &he cross is is #ounted on a pole to  be held high and straight with the 'ody o" hrist (corpus) "acing "orward. /uri"icator: &he s#all, white cloth used by the priest and the !inisters o" o##union to wipe the co##union cups during o##union and to puri"y the sacred vessels a"ter co##union. /y0: A pocket watchshaped case in which o##union, used "or sick calls, is carried. Sacrariu#: Sacristy sink (by the inner door) with a drain directly int into o the earth "or the "itting disposal o" water used "or so#e sacred purpose. Sacristy: &he roo# where the sacred vessels vessels and vest#ents are kept. Sanctuary: &he large area in in the "ront center o" the church where the altar is located. Sanctuary Furnishings: 2 Altar

2 redence &able

2 &abernacle

2 /residers hair

2 A#bo$%ectern

2 Sanctuary %ight

2 3aster$/aschal 3aster$/ aschal andle

2 4igil$4otive 4igil$4otive %ights

• •

Sanctuary %ight: ed candle showing the presence o" hri hrist st in the &abernacle. &abernacle. &abernacle: &abernacle: A sacred housing in the sanctuary where the 'ody o" hrist is kept.


&hurible $ ensor: &he #etal container e0tended "ro# a chain in which charcoal and incense are burned "or liturgical cere#onies like 'enediction or special occasions.

4ocabulary For Special %iturgical 5ses: •

Aspergillu# $ oly Water Water Sprinkler: A brush or ball with a short handle used by the priest to sprinkle the people or articles to be blessed. t is kept in a glass or #etal bucket that holds

the holy water. %unette: A round circle o" glass or s#all #etal clip used to hold the host to to be placed in the

#onstrance. !onstrance: &he ornate vessel used to hold the 'lessed Sacra#ent "or 'enediction and

3ucharistic Adoration. ope and u#eral: Shawl used by the priest to hold the !onstrance

  Figure 1: An Alb

Figure 2: The Altar



Figure 3: The Lectern

Figure 4: Incense Boat

  Figure 5: Chalice

Figure 6: Ciborium

  Figure 7: Communion lasses

Figure !: Cor"ral


  Figure #: Cre$ence Ta Table ble

Figure 1%: Cruet &ith &ine an$ &ater

Figure 11: Finger bo&l an$ 'ug

Figure 12: Finger To To&el &el


  Figure 13: (ine )ecanter

Figure 14* Lectionar+


  Figure 15: ,oman -issal

Figure 16: .riest/s Chair

  Figure 17: .rocessional Cross

Figure 1!: .uri0icator .uri0icatorss

  Figure 1#: .+

Figure 2%: Thurible


  Figure 21: As"rigul As"rigulum um &ith bucet

Figure 22: Lunette

  Figure 23: -onstrance

Figure 24: Cole an$ umeral

Figure 25: eneral la+out 0or setting altar



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