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Weiken HDB Kitchen Interior Design

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 A NEW HEART  With a medley of smart planning and grand upgrades, Weiken.com Design puts the kitchen as theInterior new hub of this home in the heartlands. TexT by AdlenA Wong  Images courTesy of Weiken.com interior design

otn,   t  plit n in  hwn’ pptit  pin p th h in n nnvntinl w. bt th din t t thi - HDb t in ch ch Kn, wh   Wikn. Inti Din, pv it i nthin t ihtnin. Wh th livin  i tn th nt  ttntin, hitin din  t th kithn   tpil in sinp, t th nd lt   hin tk t dinin n HDb h. Kitchen Aid

Th kithn ww t th t iht  thi h. Whit nd liht wd  intntl t th l  inin th  liht in thh th windw. rtiv  dind t tnit liht  th livin  t th dinin   qll phid h. Lin  kpt tit, t th tilit  nit nd nihin k p th vit. H, twk dd  pnh  l t th thwi ntl, th p.

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sowas 003


Th wn, wh hv tw hildn, hd  din i tht w l nd tiv  thi tivit nd nn-ptnti pnliti, din t th ld din. “Th hv v d din n, whih k wkin with th  inh nd  hpp pin  ,” h . With  ll p h  thi, t t  l t t  n ilnd in th iddl  th livin , i  ttnt t th din t’ plnnin nd p-vin n. eltin d din whn th  it, th t nd thi t’ kithn t inld pl wdn int, nd  pill-p til. SeeKing chAnge 

With th ntin  p, th din t lid t th livin  l t th windw, kin t th p  th hn  in. altth, th -win, hd p d n i, ld l.

Thi d ntin n t th t  th h, inldin th th wh th wn pd n pn in hihlihtin  nll nltd p with h tt nd tikin, ll nt. An OrientAl MOOd 

cln, ip lin in th kithn nd livin  til t th t d. Hwv, it pi  w-t-th-th til, in dditin t th hi  n nih. Th din t initd thh it iht nt  ld in sinp,  pt till hv t  td.

 A  An n Orienta edivider ntall-in insp spirired ed room doubles up as a  feature  featu re wall wall in the the  fuss-free  fussfree spac space e

an ointl-inpid  divid dl p   t wll in th - p. T ln th inin h  ln wll, th din t ptd  ipl lin  n in th in-ilt hlv nd n, ivin it  tild, pd dwn t nin l.

Weiken.com interior design Pte ltd    

a hw  w hw 

805 gln rd sinp 389683 18 bn L W #01-133 TdH 21 sinp 609966

tl (65) 6264 6656 tl (65) 6465 6656

 (65) 6842 3558  (65) 6316 8363


bah hw  

2 Jn et st 21 #03-42 Imm bildin sinp 609601 2 Jn et st 21 #03-44 Imm bildin sinp 609601

tl (65) 6566 9918 tl (65) 6560 6001

 (65) 6563 1138  (65) 6560 6005

il wik[email protected]innt..

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sowas 005

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