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Wetsuit Roofing and Waterproofing WV1

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Wetsuit Roofing and Waterproofing

Wetsuit Properties •

All All wat water er-b -bae aesd sd rubb rubber er prod produc uctt

80% sol soliids: No so solvents nts

UV stable

1580% el elongation

Very Very high high tear tear and and ten tensi sile le stre streng ngth th

Class “A “A” fi fire rated


No harmful odors

No fumes

Can Can be be spr sprat at appl applie ied d dow down n to to fre freez ezin ing g

Single gle co coat ap application

Any Any mil mil thic thickn knes esss in a sin singl glee coa coatt

May May be spr spray ayed ed ver verti tica call lly y or ove overh rhea ead d with withou outt sag sag

Substr Substrate ate can be damp(no damp(nott satura saturated ted or pondin ponding g water) water)

Tota Totall lly y sea seaml mles esss and and mono monoli lith thic ic syst system em

Wetsuit Advantages •

Ideal for commercial or industrial roofing, below grade waterproofing,  plaza decks, deck sealing and other applications.

Single product for all instances vertical, horizontal, below grade or above, flashing and caps.

Can be applied over most existing roofing, EPDM, TPO, BUR, foam, Modified Bitumen, Hypalon, metal, wood, concrete and more.

Saves labor, time and resources, no expensive tear off.

With an elastomeric top coat or Ceramic Cover top coat energy savings can be significant.

Ten year warranty that can be extended with roofing by opting to go with a maintenance program.

Saves landfill space by not having to remove old existing roofing.

LEEDs points for renewable resources, heat island reduction, and energy conservation with Reflex top coat.

Build Green approval.

Saves time and mess.

Leaving existing roofing in place can significantly reduce cost.

Green Roof Area at UofL Cardiovascular Building. Flood tested all areas prior to installing drain media.

After Wetsuit water test Mira Drain 9000 was installed and foam insulation over drain mat.

Wetsuit Waterproofing on vertical surfaces and around drains.

Wetsuit used on vertical surfaces and below grade waterproofing areas. Over spray is easily controlled to protect adjacent areas.

Court yard area after waterproofing, concrete, and landscaping.

Wetsuit used for waterproofing at front porch prior to concrete being poured.

Flood test in patio area.

Porch area after concrete poured and landscaping installed.

Wetsuit on metal roof seals laps and seams. Wetsuit with it’s elasticity can handle the expansion and contraction of the metal roofing.

Metal roof coated with Wetsuit.

Built up roof before and after Wetsuit coating.

Retail Center in E-Town Wetsuit over built up roofing.

Wetsuit Roofing over alligator in built up roofing.

Wetsuit over Ceramic Cover for insulation and waterproofing at Jim Beam Distillery, Frankfort.

American Life Building with Wetsuit ans Reflex Top Coat.

American Life building prior to top coat.

Eckart America Roof before and after Wetsuit

Wetsuit Roofing used to protect roofing from mineral spirits fumes vented from manufacturing process.

Wetsuit accomplishes a seamless roof coating even with multiple penetrations, vents, and skylights.

Green roof area for condos in California.

Wetsuit applied over concrete for waterproofing of green roof.

Finished Wetsuit over concrete ready for drain course and turf.

Drain course being applied prior to turf.

Pre grown turf being applied over Wetsuit and drain course.

Green roof completed with Wetsuit, drain course, and pre grown turf.

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