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wireless: basic

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wireless basic


CWNA Lab Modules • Working in Infrastructure Mode • Communicating using Ad-Hoc Mode • DHCP Mode • Wired wit Wireless communication • W!P enabled Mode • MAC Address "iltering


Module # Working in Infrastructure Mode


Infrastructure Mode • In tis mode all te ost com$uters communicate wit eac oter troug access $oint% • Infrastructure mode can be selected using interface $ro&ided wit WLAN card on eac ost com$uter% • 'e network sown in te figure is also known as (asic )er&ice )et *())+%


Module , Communicating using A Ad-Hoc d-Hoc Mode


 Ad-Hoc Mode • 'is feature allows ost com$uters to communicate wit eac oter witout a&ing an access $oint in te network% • 'is facilit can be cosen b selecting  Ad-Hoc mode on eac ost com$uter troug wireless card interface%


Module . DHCP Mode • In DHCP en&ironment eac ost can communicate wit oter ost/s using access $oint as it does in infrastructure mode% • Howe&er in DHCP mode access $oint dnamicall assign IP address to eac ost com$uter connected to it%


Module 0 Wired wit Wireless Communication •  A ost com$uter on wireless wireless network network can access anoter com$uter or network facilit suc as $rinter on wired network% • 'is communication is acie&ed troug access $oint wic is connected to te wired network%


Wired wit Wireless Communication Network






Clients Wireless Network


Module 1 W!P-enabled Mode • 'is o$tion enances te securit of WLAN and te de&ices connected to te network% •  A ost com$uter as to $ro&ide W!P W!P ke ke to access wireless network% • 'is ke is an al$anumeric caracter string%


W!P-enabled Mode


Module 2 MAC Address Address "iltering • 'is feature also enances te securit of te wireless network b filtering unwanted MAC addresses and securing wireless network from se&eral t$es of attacks% • It allows AP *Access Point+ to restrict or grant ost com$uter to access te network and or network facilities%  


MAC Address Address "iltering

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