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Wisdot Contract Management System

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Wis isD DOTC ont ntr rac t Ma Mana nag geme ment nt System

 Tr  Trns ns•p •por ortt BA M S/ DS DSS S Bid Express Web


Materials Information  Tr  Tra c king



Field Information  Tr  Tra c king


 Tr  Trns ns•p •por ortt PES PE S

PC File  T  Trra ns nsfer fer

PES – Proposal and Estimate System LAS – Letting and Award System nstruc uc tion Ad d mini minis stra tra tio ti on S Sys ystem tem CAS – C o nstr tio ti on A tion

 Tr  Trns ns•p •por ortt LA S

 Tr  Trns ns•p •por ortt C AS

Project  Tr  Tra c king FieldNet

Materials  Tr  Tra c king

O ra c le Da Datta ba se

BA M S/ DSS Dec c is ion Supp up p o rt Sys System tem DSS – De ision FIIPS – Financial Financ ial Integrated Integrra ted Improvement Integ Imp Im p ro veme vement ntProgramming Pro g ra mmi Pro mming ng System Sys ystem tem

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